Organic Garden Installation

First, we do an analysis of the property to determine the best location and implementation of the garden. For the location, the variables include a native soil analysis, water and soil pH test, number of hours of direct sunlight, microclimate, airflow, distance from the coast, and local plants and animals. The implementation could be raised beds, rows, grow boxes or a combination of all three.
Second, we use all natural and organic ingredients to create a soil that will supply slow releasing micronutrients and minerals. The soil medium we create is a pH balanced housing for microbial life. It is also a substrate of organic matter harboring nutrients that are not lost through irrigation. Healthy soil is alive and is the foundation of a healthy garden.

Strategic Irrigation Techniques

Third, we use a water filter to keep out harsh chemicals that would normally kill the biology in the soil. We use a digital water timer that only waters a few minutes before the sun comes up, and if needed, a few minutes in the evening after sundown. We also use a drip irrigation delivery system which directs water to the root system of the plants. This system is very efficient, designed to save water and time, while increasing yields.

Weekly Garden Maintenance

For a healthy and successful garden, time, patience, experience, and nurturing are needed. In the world we live in, most people don’t have the time, energy, or experience to be a home micro farmer. We love teaching and explaining what we do and why it is important. While many people think it is great, they don’t have time to learn and do it for themselves. This is why we are available to do it for you.
With over ten years of organic farming experience and extensive research, we have learned things that can only be achieved through experience. Urban Organics can maintain your garden weekly to ensure that the garden is getting the time and energy it needs for success and optimum health. This includes irrigation adjustments and maintenance, soil mulching and amending, organic pest control, replanting, staking, trellising, and organic fertilizing and compost maintenance.

Year Round Produce

Although San Diego has terrible, lifeless soil and the 9th worst water in the United States, we are blessed with amazing weather. This weather allows for great year round farming. We do successive planting and soil amending so you can harvest nutrient rich, organic produce from your garden all year long. Best of all, the garden gets better and will produce more food as time goes on and while organic matter continues to feed your soil. This is sustainable micro farming.
Our personal favorite time to grow is in the Fall/Winter season, due to the abundance of greens that grow so well during this time. The best time to start organic micro farming on your own property is right now. We can show you why!

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